केंद्रीय सेवा अधिकारी बोर्ड

( सरकार सहायत्त स्वायत्त संस्थान )

Central services officers board

( Government Aided Autonomous institute )


प्रतिज्ञा पढ़िये ! Read Pledge

We believe that devastation of environment will lead to significant obstacles for humankind progress and sustainability of country & earth. We all stakeholders from Members, Government, Citizens and private Sector need to work together to retain the natural biodiversity.

We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example and the need to put in our place with utmost priority. We realise that as a member, we need to lead from the front to retain the nature bio-diversity in all aspects of our operations.

My Pledge & Promise for the Environment

I will do my part to protect the Earth

I will plant, protect & serve trees (Flora & fauna)

I will take care of and clean up the environment

I will be kind to and respect & support all life forms

I will never litter & openly defecate

I will always recycle

I will reduce the waste I create

I will reuse what I can

I will conserve energy & water

I will encourage others to save our natural resources

By doing this, I will be “Making a Visible Difference” in my home, community, country and the world. “Let us live in harmony with Mother Nature and keep our beloved Earth clean and green”.

हमने प्रतिज्ञा ली ! We Pledge