केंद्रीय सेवा अधिकारी बोर्ड

( सरकार सहायत्त स्वायत्त संस्थान )

Central services officers board

( Government Aided Autonomous institute )

Director's Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Intellectual Research, Analysis, engagement of institutions that generate policy advice on domestic and international issues by enabling both policymakers and the public at large to make informed decisions. On one end of the spectrum, think tanks can be seen as one of the main policy motivators in democratic societies that assure a pluralistic, open and accountable process of policy analysis, research, decision-making and evaluation.

States and governments find it increasingly difficult to obtain all relevant information and knowledge about systemic contexts that they need for justifying policy decisions in terms of potential consequences thereof. More and more investment is to be set aside for expert advisory bodies that are able to translate the findings of fundamental research into policy options and to enable politicians to foresee the effects of their decisions.

CSOB has been trying to give shape to free intellectual ambience to counter the assault made on the innovative ideas which seem to be inconvenient to the contemporary discourse of power both national and global. Link among elaboration of policies, their implementation and representation, are the vital component for successes of policies directed towards harmonization of existing practices with contemporary paradigms of good governance and economic management.

Thus, the CSOB firmly believes that there may be a recession in the economy, but there must not be a recession of ideas as they are the only saviors during the moment of crisis. The happiness of the nation and humanity should be the ultimate goal of any thought.

M P Singh

Executive Director, CSOB